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Josef Stalin knows that, having coastline on both the Atlantic and Pacific which America can easily launch attacks against, the best option will be to build up the Red Navy. A crash construction project is implemented, with new submarines that utilize the many different technological advances that Germany had come up with, including the snorkel, battleships that could out run and out gun anything America has, and several aircraft carriers that can easily cripple another fleet without either coming into contact.

British agents manage to uncover this project, which had been kept secret from even the Soviet People. Prime Minister Clement Atlee, having succeeded Neville Chamberlain in 1940, knows that the Royal Navy would be in no shape to confront this new threat in the Baltic and the Pacific, and would need American help, which, under President Lindbergh, was never going to help. The Russians were eyeing India and Persia, and very little would be able to stop them if that is the case. As well, France is nervous of Russian moves in occupied Germany. But, even the isolationist feeling of America is starting to rub off on the British people, and were not inclined to get into war, especially with a nation as powerful as Russia.

What should Prime Minister Atlee do?