Buddy Holly, aka Charles Hardin Holley (born September 7, 1936) is a rock 'n' roll musician, Christian proclaimer and political activist.

Holly gained to fame very young, in the 1950s, with some popular songs such as "Peggy Sue", "You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)", "That'll Be the Day" and "Everyday". He became so famed by teenage audiences, that President Orson Welles invited him (along with other rock musicians) to participate in a free concert at the White House in February, 1959. He had to cancel a large number of concerts in the same month, but eventually he claimed it was "the best event in his life".

In later life, Holly experimented with a long list of genres. In the 1960s, he returned to the top with the revolutionary album, "Things in Life", which started the "beat revolution" in pop music. He semi-retired in the 1970s, but continued to play on certain events, and had many successful tours ever since.

Holly also became an active voice in politics and religion. A Democratic supporter, he visited the troops during the Cuban-American Conflict, and later often spoke out in favor of civil rights and liberal causes. Also, a devout Christian, he supports the Baptist Church and often praises the Lord in public appearances.

Currently, he lives with his wife, actress Sharon Tate in Florida.

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