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Buckingham Palace became a target for the German army in The Battle of Britain and the post- war rebellion. During the essential ground invasion of the Nazi army it was targeted due to its symbolic significance, it would ultimately signal the end of the Great British Empire when captured.

Battle of Britain - Operation Sealion

The British had mustered a force of 10, 000 to defend the Royal palace, troops stretching from the courtyards to all the floors, room by room and even the throne room was guarded. It was a joint of force of regular British troops and the King's Royal Guard and as expected were to fight to the last man. The Germans stormed their way to the palace in the early hours of the morning and fought their way through every combatant, those few who surrendered were brutally executed, and the Swastika flew over Buckingham Palace. The British Empire had been wiped from the face of the Earth.

British resistance strong-hold

The palace was converted into the main military head quarters of the German army for the rest of the British campaign, but after the war it was reverted and made as a symbol of anyone who deared to challenge the third Reich would be meet a similar fate, a general garrison of 300 men were kept. In 1946 it became a primary target of the British resistance. The resistance launched a full front assault with a force of 600, against the small palace force of 300, easily wiping them out, they then held off German forces for a week but when reinforcements failed to turn up trouble was bound for them. The Germans gathered a strong force of French SS and German stormtroopers of about 300, 000, who stormed the palace eliminated the remaining rebels and bringing back the palace once again into the iron fist of Germany.

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