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Student Union
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Ohio State University Students
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Disciplina in civitatem (English)
("Discipline and Citizenship")

(and largest city)
Other cities Short North
Language English
Demonym Student; Buckeye
Government College
  legislature Greek Council
Dean Solon
Population 80,000 
The Buckeyes are a large tribe from Columbus.

History Edit

Columbus was not hit in the Great Nuclear War, but in the chaos and confusion, the state government collapsed, and Columbus fell to rioting and looting, and a large portion of the city burned to the ground. The Campus of Ohio State University was spared, however, and the several thousand students stranded there were left to pick up the pieces of what was left.

Unrest was common, many students simply left, and others continued as normally as they could. Very quickly it became obvious that life wouldn't return to normal. Students began to worry about their safety, food, and water, and the staff was nowhere to be seen. Soon it became obvious that some order needed to be established.

The Greek Council, as well as the general population representatives, gathered that snowy day, and declared that the students of Ohio State were a sovereign nation of sorts, and that basic amenities needed to be met. Water was brought from the rivers, and empty fields were to be planted as soon as they could. Scavenging parties would seek food from wherever they could. Choke points would be built at all roads into the campus, and rubble would be moved to create blockades and walls.

The knowledge contained within the school was utilized to it's greatest extent given the circumstances, and the students began to rally. Classes were re-organized when they could be, and football games were re-scheduled, with the team re-organized into several smaller ones. The Marching Band played music and marched parades through the Campus. Anything to keep up morale. That winter, several thousand students died.

The Following Spring, the Student Union, as it had become known throughout had reached some amount of stability. Students felt somewhat at home in their new confinements. A group identity began to be formed.

Culture Edit

Their is a large common thread between generations. The smartest among the Students are elected as leaders through a process called

Seniors Edit

The Seniors, or older members who survived the war, are a strange bunch. In the wake of the war, much has changed. Hippie Culture is prevalent, and drug use is commonplace, and even accepted. Many Seniors have many children, the result of large amounts of indiscriminate sex, and lack of contraceptives. Odd names are common, as many changed their names in the wake of the War. These names are a number of things, personal jokes, significant personal identities, or just a way to let go of the past.

Freshman Edit

Younger, though still adult members of the Buckeyes, are somewhat different than their parents and elders. Freshman are more extreme versions of their parents. They are often polygamous, highly drug addicted, and somewhat off-kilter. Many Freshman have risen to great heights as warriors, thought heir are fewer scholars among their ranks.