Bryce Irwin
President of the United States
Term of Office: October 16, 2009 - Present
Predecessor: Ferdie Osbourne
Vice President:

Archie Areleous

May 2, 1957 (age 52)

North Platte, Nebraska

Political party:
Rancher, Lawyer, Judge, Politician

Bryce Gayelord Irwin (born 2 May, 1957) is the 45th and incumbent President of the United States. He is the first member of a third party to become President since the United States' successful transition into becoming a multi-party state in 2002, being the Presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party. His brother, Stuart Irwin, is also a politician.

Before becoming President, Irwin was selected to serve on the Kansas Superior Court in 1887. In 1890, Irwin was appointed Solicitor General of the United States and in 1891 a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. In 2000, President Brody Plaskett appointed Irwin the title of Attorney General. In 2004, President Ferdie Osbourne appointed Irwin Secretary of the Treasury in an effort to put a second Libertarian politician in the Cabinet, to prove to skeptical Europe that the US had become a multi-party state. Irwin assumed a prominent role in problem solving, assuming on some occasions the role of acting Secretary of State, while declining repeated offers from Osbourne (who had grown rather fond of him) to serve on the Supreme Court.

Riding a wave of popular support for the Libertarian Party following recent campaigns and the new laws promoting third parties, together with the support of now-retired Republican Osbourne, Irwin won an easy victory in his 2008 bid for the presidency against the Constitutional Party nominee Gardenia Strudwick, Democratic nominee John Espinoza, Green Party nominee Philip Goffe and Republican nominee Bruce Rothschild.

In his term, Irwin's domestic agenda has emphasized trust-busting, civil service reform, strengthening the local economies, improving the performance of the postal service, and supporting LGBTQ rights. Abroad, Irwin sought to further the economic development of nations in Africa and Asia, and showed masterful decisiveness and restraint in response to the war in Tibet. The task-oriented Irwin is often considered oblivious to the political ramifications of his decisions, perhaps alienated his own key constituencies.

He did not run for re-election in the 2012 US Presidential Election, stating that many Libertarian policies and opinions cannot be employed by the President due to the Republican and Democratic monopoly on the Congress and Senate seats. Irwin then further stated that the multi-party system needs time to grow but that he was very proud to serve as the first modern third-party President.

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