City of Brussel
Timeline: Myhistory

OTL equivalent: Brussels
Flag Belgium brussels
Flag of City of Brussel
Location of City of Brussel
Demonym Bruxellan
Area / km²

Bruxellas (West Flemish: Brussel) is the capital of the Kingdom of Belgica. It is also the seat of the Belgican Parliament.


Sonian forest

the center of the Sonian forest before the building of the city

The city was founded in the center of a large forest called the Sonian Forest. The origin of the settlement that was to become Bruxellas lies in the construction of the city's future form on an island in the river Senna. Later the forum expanded so the course of the Senna was relocated. In 3 AHC the last buildings were finished in Bruxellas.

Later that year the inhabitants of the Duchy of Brabant had to vote to choose their capital, which Bruxellas narrowly won from Anversia.

in 9 AHC the Wars of the Belgican unification was in its second year. The Duchy of Brabant had until then stayed out of the war. But on the 18th March of that year the duchess Catharina Calwarda revealed her marriage with a woman, choosing the side of Wallonia. However the residents of Bruxellas, together with some other cities, didn't agree with the lesbian ruler. On the 19th March the residents of Bruxellas and other neighboring cities revolted against the lesbian ruler. On 7th May the Brabantian Republic was declared with Bruxellas as its capital. Later the Brabantian Republic joined the allied forces of Flandria, Ollania and Frisia.

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