Brothers of the Raven (English)
Fratres Corvi (Latin)
Braća Gavrana (Croatian)
The Raven of Patience
Abbreviation F.C.
Motto Industria, patientia, humilitas!
Predecessor Society of Jesus
Formation 4th March 1543 (de facto)
5th April 1545 (de iure)
Extinction 29th July 1748
Type Religious Organization
Legal status Dissolved (de iure)
Secretly active (de facto)
Purpose/focus Religious
Headquarters Zagreb
Location Croatia
Official languages Croatian
Patriarch Bran FitzMuiris FitzTemüreigh
Affiliations Kingdom of Croatia
The Roman Catholic Church

 The Brothers of the Raven were a religious organization originally created as a branch of the Society of Jesus, albeit it gained recognition as organization itself from the Patriarch in Britannia. It was founded by Bran FitzMuiris FitzTemüreigh also known as Brahma ud-din Muhammad of the Timurid Dynasty and his followers in Croatia. It quickly gained a high position due to its propagation of education and cultural development, however later fell rapidly as it had been declared heretic by infulential members in the Church.




Notable members