Broken Spain Iberia v2

The political divisions of Spain, established after the Moor Retreat, have changed little.

Broken Spain

NOTE: This is a WIP!

What if the Spanish kingdoms overthrew the Arabs by themselves, and the Reconquista never happened, and so they stood independent later because of a national feeling? What would become of the world's greatest power of the Age of Exploration?


This is unorganized, and a WIP.

600 AD-1400 AD

The kingdoms of Iberia revolt and become independent from the Muslim states in the early 700s. The Reconquista never happens in as large a scale. The Moors pull their forces back, and hold Granada. These kingdoms establish themselves and the Spanish Empire never comes together. These kingdoms colonize the Americas independently.

1400 AD-1700 AD

Columbus came to the Court of Castile. It is not as stripped for cash because the lack of Reconquista and so Columbus’ journey launches in 1487. He finds the Antilles, they become Castilian colonies. Cortes is born in and sails for Castile, as does Coronado after him, and so Mexico is Castilian. Pizzaro is Leonese, and so Peru and

Broken Spain Colonies 1700

The Western Hemisphere in AD 1700.

later the rest of South America becomes a Leonese colony except for Brazil which is Portuguese as per OTL. Ponce De Leon is Aragonese and so Florida is a colony of Aragon, though Aragon continues to put its attention towards the Mediterranean.


Aragon grants Florida independence in 1750 to save upkeep money. They install a monarch and become the Kingdom of Florida. It stirs up revolutionary ideas in the British 13 Colonies to be a new protector and support the resulting revolution. The United States of America is recognized by Florida and Aragon on the eve of its Declaration of Independence in 1768, and Britain does not want to risk a war with Aragon over such a colony. Britain reluctantly grants all its North American colonies independence. They realign into loosely bound countries: Republic of Quebec, Commonwealth of Canada , United Colonies of New England , Kingdom of Virginia, and Kingdom of Carolina. Florida annexes Georgia when no one is looking. No one cares. In 1800, Mexico declares independence from Castile and a long, bloody 10 year war ensues. The northern regions seek for complete independence, the middle region, around Mexico City, seeks more autonomy, and the southern region around Panama seeks to remain within the Castilian Empire. In 1811, Castile signs a peace treaty with the Texan Republic, the northern area, and the United States of Mexico, the central area. Panama remains within the empire and, ironically, is given more autonomy as a reward. Canada, Texas, Mexico, and Florida immediately ally to drive France out of America. This show of the colonial’s strength sparks a series of revolutions throughout the Leonese Empire. Gran Colombia declares independence in 1817, along with Peru in 1820 and Argentina in 1823. This triple whammy is too much for Leon to control, and only the Argentine revolution is crushed. Both Gran Colombia and Peru are recognized by Leon by 1825.
Broken Spain Independence 1830

The Western Hemisphere in 1830.

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