Broken Country is a alternate history in which the Aquitaine becomes an independent kingdom. Aquitaine always had a difficult time establishing itself as a kingdom. Charibert II and Chilperic were both assassinated, and Pepin I and Pepin II were opposed by other family member. In this timeline, the King of Aquitaine has greater success and form a greater national identity. Brittany also develops a greater national identity in this timeline.

In 555 AD, Chramn becomes the viceroy (or sub-king) of Auvergne and Aquitaine. Influenced by his uncle Childebert I and the Aquitanian nobility, Chramn took advantage of the Saxon rebellion and revolted against his father Chlothar I. Chramn was successful until Childebert's death in 558 AD. Chramn fled to Brittany, where he was planning to escape to Britain, but he was captured by his father and burned.

In this timelime, Chramn safely escapes from his father with his family due to better preparation and planning.


  • 560/561 – Chramn escapes to Britain and lives in exile in Dumnonia.
  • 561 – Chramn and Chalda have their first son. Chramn names him Childebert after his uncle in order defy his father. Chlothar I dies, and his sons divide the kingdom. Chramn is able to convince his brothers to allow him to inherit a part of his father kingdom. Chramn chooses to rule his old realm of Aquitaine.
  • 567 – Charibert I dies and his kingdom is divided amongst his brothers.
  • 570 – Chramn dies, and his son Childebert II (not OTL Childebert II) becomes king with Chalda as regent.
  • 572 – Agents of Chilperic I assassinates Charibert II and Chalda. Chilperic invades Aquitaine, but he is met with opposition.
  • 575 – Sigebert I is assassinated before he could defeat Chilperic. Childebert III (OTL Childebert II) becomes king with Brunhilda as regent. Chilperic then proceeds to conquer Aquitaine.
  • 584 – Chilperic I dies, and Chlothar II becomes king with Fredegund as regent. Gundovald takes advantage of the situation in Francia and invades.
  • 585 – Chlothar distrusts his uncle Guntram and sends reinforcements to Gundovald at Convenae. Gundovald and Mummolus defeat Leudegisel and return to conquer Aquitaine. After witnessing the turn of events, Desiderius defects back to Gundovald's side. Guntrum surrenders and acknowledges Gundovald as King of Aquitaine. Gundovald's new kingdom included all of Aquitaine south of Poitiers and Bourges.
  • 586 – Due to pressure from Gundovald, the Treaty of Andelot is made in 586 instead of 587.
  • 586, 588, 590 – Gundovald and Childebert III lead three joint expedition into Lombard-held Italy, but they fail each time.
  • 592 – Guntram dies, and Childebert III inherits his lands. Gundovald dies and is succeeded by his sons Clovis II (not OTL Clovis II; made-up name) and Charibert II (not OTL Charibert II; made-up name).
  • 595 – Childebert III dies. Fredegund dies.

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