A Broken Arrow refers to an accidental event that involves nuclear weapons, warheads or components, but which does not create the risk of nuclear war.- Wikipedia
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The closest time the State of Israel was closest to destruction was the Yom Kippur, or October War. It was fought between Israel, Egypt, and Syria. It was fought between October 6, 1973 to October 25, 1973. The result was a tactical Israeli victory, although with heavy losses to the Israeli side.

During this war, so close was Israel to destruction that many of their tactical and strategic nuclear weapons were scrambled, and all their military forces were placed at SNAPCOUNT. During the confusion of the war, trucks got lost, papers were destroyed, and people didn't know what to do. One of such people was Akim Rosenburg. Rosenburg was a 27 year old military pilot for the Israeli Air Force. He piloted an F-15 Eagle armed with a Mark 12 nuclear weapon, with a yield of 12 KT.

On October 18, the War Council of Israel vote on a nuclear response. At first, the decision is a go. Akim and others are scrambled with their weapons, and are sent to Syria and Egypt. However, at the last minute the order is canceled. Akim turned around is F-15, relieved at not having the blood of thousands on his hands. However, as he turned around on top of the Golon Heights, his plane got a malfunction and lost power for a split second. Even though power came back after, it was too late, and Akim's plane plummeted towards Mount Hermon, the highest point in Syria and Israel. Akim quickly ejected out, and quickly got back safely to friendly territory. However, before the F-15 exploded, his unarmed Mark 12 bomb fell out into the mountain, where it remained, undetonated. A landslide also happened to cover up the bomb.

Israeli soldiers combed through the mountain looking for the missing bomb, but the bomb could not be found due to the landslide. After 3 months of searching, the search was called off and the bomb was reported missing.

Then, on May 19, 2000, another landslide occurred, which uncovered the Israeli bomb. Two days later, on May 21, a group of Hamas extremists were climbing through the mountain, ready to smuggle into Israel, to wreck terror upon Israel. However, the leader, Usman bin Hassan, caught a flash of orange in the corner of his eye. He ordered his men to search that area, and was astonished to find a Zionist bomb buried, with its front head bent, and the fins snapped off. He tried to get his men to pick up the bomb, but it was much too heavy. He later called back to HQ and got a truck to pick up the bomb. And there started the end of the world.

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