Dugelezh Breizh (Breton)
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Capital city Nantes
Largest city Nantes
Official language(s) Breton
Official religion(s) Catholic
Demonym Breton
Government Duchy
- Duke tbd
Legislature Estates of Brittany
Independence 939, 1379
Population 5,230,600 (2014)
Currency Breton pound (£)

Brittany, officially the Duchy of Brittany is a nation located in Western Europe. Its territory covers the northwestern peninsula of Europe, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the English Channel to the north, and less definitively by the Loire River to the south and Normandy and British France to the east. The duchy was established after the expulsion of Viking armies from the region around 939. It was granted independence in 1379, two days after the English invasion of France, under the condition England would maintain military control over its territory.

The capital and largest city of Brittany is Nantes. The main religion is Roman Catholic (95.8%). The legislature of Brittany is unicameral, the lower house being the Estates of Brittany and the upper house being the Parlement of Brittany. The official currency of Brittany is the Breton pound (£). The current population of Brittany is 5,230,600, as of a 2014 census.


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