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Kingdom of Brittany
Rouantelezh Breizh
PMIII Breton Flag.png 75px-COA fr BRE svg.png
Coat of arms
PMIII 1740 Brittany.png
Map of the Kingdom of Brittany in Europe as of 1740 (Brittany in violet).
Map of the Kingdom of Brittany's holdings in the Moluccas.
Largest city Naoned
Other cities Gwened, Kemper, Brest, Porzh-Yann
Official languages Breton
Regional Languages Gallo, French, other Langues d'oïl
Ethnic groups  Breton, French
Religion Western Catholic Christian
Demonym Breton
Government Administrative Monarchy
 -  King John XI
 -  Unification of Domnonia, Cournoaille, and Bro Waroc'h into a single Kingdom. 831 
 -  Battle of Trans-la-Forêt expelling the Vikings from Brittany and forming the Duchy. 939 
 -  John XI transforming the Duchy into a Kingdom. 1747 
Currency Various
Patron saint Saint Erwann

The Duchy of Brittany (Breton: Dugelezh Breizh, French: Duché de Bretagne) is a northwestern European nation.


In 1686, small-scale fighting broke out between those who supported complete independence and sovereignty apart of Britannia and those who, while not establishing a clear position on the issue, suggested that Brittany be tied to Britannia for years to come. These skirmishes killed around 25 people, including the deputy to the King's prime minister who was on a diplomatic mission in the region.





Foreign Relations