Timeline: Orbis Romanum

April 25, 40BCE
Portus Itius

Caesar arrives at Portus Itius where the shores of Britannia are visible across the sea. This is the same village where his first expedition to Britannia was launched. An armada of 1000 triremes is beached nearby.

May 4, 40BCE
Portus Itius

The augurs, after consulting the intestines of dead birds and deliberating with some of the most experienced captains decide that this is the best day for launching the invasion. Soon the ocean is dotted with triremes, a daunting sight. The Romans come ashore at Portus Dubris. The landing is unopposed which is fortunate as most of the legionnaires are seasick in spite of the efforts of the augurs.

May 5, 40BCE
Portus Dubris

Caesar does not waste time in the beachhead. His legions march to Londinium. On the way King Commius of the Atrebates turns up and surrenders to Caesar, knowing there is no way the Britons can defeat the Romans. Hostages and tribute are arranged on the spot. Commius is ordered to disband his army.

May 7, 40BCE

The Roman legions enter Londinium. Such is the reputation of Caesar that the city is undefended. More hostages are taken and tribute exacted.

September 1, 40BCE

Julius Caesar concludes his campaign in Britannia and returns to Rome for yet another triumph. This is his fastest and most successful campaign ever. Marcus Antonius remains behind for mopping up and for the invasion of Ireland. It seems that nothing can stop the Roman legions.

October 14, 40BCE

Caesar celebrates his latest triumph and announced that one quarter of public debt is cancelled. The spoils of war make this possible. This makes him enormously popular with the masses.

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