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native name: Brittaness
family: Indo-European
region: Some of Europe, Parts of Africa and Asia, Australia, and most of North America
speakers: Near 500 million, 380 million of whom are native speakers
rank: 3 or 4 (varying estimates)
fam2: Italic
fam3: Romance
fam4: Italo-Western
fam5: Gallo-Iberian
fam6: Gallo-Romance
fam7: Britannic
nation: De jure, exclusive: Liberia, several Commonwealth countries
De jure, non-exclusive: Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, India, Philippines, Singapore, European Union
De facto, exclusive: Australia, United States
De facto, non-exclusive: New Zealand, United Kingdom
agency: no official regulation
iso1: br
iso2: bri
iso3: bri

Brittanese Is a Romance language.

Common Phrases in Brittanese

English Brittanese IPA transcription(Standard Brittanese)
Brittanese Britagnés [bri.ta.'njes]
English Saçonés [sa.son.'es]
Yes Oíl [o.ˈil]
No No [ˈno]
Hello Ava [ˈ]
How are you? ¿Como ésseras? [ˈ ']
Good morning! Bon matin [ˈbon ˈma.tin]
Good afternoon/evening! Bon tarde [ˈbon ˈ]
Good night! bon noç [bon nos]
Goodbye Ádio [ˈa.di.o]
Please Por favor [ˈpor 'fa.vor]
Thank you Graç [gras]
Excuse me Perdon [per.'don]
I'm Sorry Senta [ˈsen.ta]
Hurry! ¡hasta! [ˈhas.ta]
Because Porquá [por.'kwa]
Why? ¿Por quá? ['por.ˈkwa]
Who? ¿Qui? [ˈki]
What? ¿Qua? [ˈkwa]
When? ¿Quando? [ˈ]
Where? ¿Onda? [ˈon.da]
How? ¿Como? [ˈ]
How much? ¿Quanto? [ˈ]
I do not understand No comprenda [no com.'pren.da]
Help me (please)
Help me!
Where's the bathroom? ¿Onda éssera le bagno? ['on.da'ra le ˈba.njo]
Do you speak English? ¿Hablas Saçonés? [ˈhab.las'nes]
Cheers! (toast) ¡Salúd! [sa.'lud]

Comparisons between Brittanese and other languages

Brittanese has different common features with Spanish, which exhibits many Gallo-Romance traits. Spanish and Brittanese share many traits, but it is theoretically easier for a Brittanese speaker to learn Spanish than vice-versa.

Spanish Latin Portuguese Brittanese French English Notes
nosotros nos nós nos nous we- Quebec French: nous autres
hermano germānum irmão germano frère brother
canción cantĭōnem canção cançión chanson song
más magis or plus mais
(archaically also chus)
mas mais more
mano izquierda manūm sĭnistram mão esquerda
(archaically also sẽestra)
mana sinistra main gauche left hand Basque: esku ezkerra
nada nullam rem natam
(lit. no thing born)
(archailcally also rem)
nada rien nothing


IPA before i,e before a,o,u Example
/b/ b b Británia
/k/ qu c/q parqué
/d/ d d tarde
/f/ f f favor
/g/ gu g guerra
/ʒ/ g gi gente
/l/ l l salúd
/m/ m m mam
/n/ n n quanta
/p/ p p parto
/r/ r r mara
/s/ s,ç s,ç saçonano
/t/ t t toro
/v/ v v ava
/ʃ/ c ci crecenta

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