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British order of battle for Operation Suzerain (Operation European Freedom)

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Forces for the Invasion of Europe

The invasion forces were under the command of the SHAEF Europe.

2. British Army

CO: Gen Bernard L Montgomery
Chief of Staff: Francis De Guingard AOK 2: Headquarters

IV. Army corps

CO: Miles Dempsey

Paratroop Divisions
  • 1. Paratroop-Division (Red Devils)
    • CO: Maj. Gen. Roy Urquhart
      • 1st Airlanding Brigade
      • 1st Parachute Brigade
      • 4th Parachute Brigade

  • 1st Polish Independent Para Brigade
    • CO:Majgen S.Sosabowski
      • 1st Battalion
      • 2nd Battalion
      • 3rd Battalion

  • 6. Paratroop-Division (Pegasus)
    • CO: Maj.Gen. Richard Nelson Gale
      • 3rd Parachute Brigade
      • 5th Parachute Brigade
      • 6th Airlanding Brigade
Landing Divisions

Divisions that landed on D-Day

  • 3. Infantry-Division
    • CO: Maj.Gen L.G. Whistler
      • 8th Brigade
        • 1st Battalion, the Suffolk Regiment
        • 2nd Battalion, the East Yorkshire Regiment
        • 1st Battalion, the South Lancashire Regiment
      • 9th Brigade
        • 2nd Battalion, the Lincolnshire Regiment
        • 1st Battalion, the King's Own Scottish Borderers
        • 2nd Battalion, the Royal Ulster Rifles
      • 185th Brigade
        • 2nd Battalion, the Royal Warwickshire Regiment
        • 1st Battalion, the Royal Norfolk Regiment
        • 2nd Battalion, the King's Shropshire Light Infantry

  • 3. Canadian Infantry-Division
    • CO: Maj.Gen Ralph H. Keefler
      • 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade
        • The Royal Winnipeg Rifles
        • The Regina Rifle Regiment
        • 1st Battalion The Canadian Scottish Regiment
      • 8th Canadian Infantry Brigade
        • The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
        • Le Régiment de la Chaudière (Quebecois)
        • The North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment
      • 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade
        • The Highland Light Infantry of Canada
        • The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders
        • The North Nova Scotia Highlanders

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