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British military occupation of the Central Asia (Colony Crisis Averted)

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British military occupation of the Central Asia

20 August 1958 – 20 September 1981


Central Asia and parts of Russia


British military presence in Central Asia until 1981

  • London Protocol
  • British expansion of their Pan-Asian Airship Fleet
  • Creation of the Kazakh Democratic Republic
  • Completion of the Central Asian Railroad Network (CARN)

Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire
Британский Казахстан British Occupation Force:
British Raj
British Paichu

Numerous terrorist factions

Casualties and Losses

The British military occupation of the Central Asia (Russian: Советская оккупационная зона Германии, Sovetskaya okupatsiooni zona, "British Occupation Zone")  was the area of Central Asia occupied by the British Empire from 1957 on, at the end of Great War. On 7 October 1979 the Kazakh Democratic Republic (KDR), was established in the British Occupation Zone.

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