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Churchill decides to not take that sort of thing from the colonies, who should be grateful that the British were able to save them from the Germans. He sends in the armed forces, and cracks down on the nationalists.

This has unwelcome consequences, as the violence increases in the Dominions and British colonies. The other major nations are angry at England for denying the colonies their independence. Churchill is forced by public and international opinion to grant the Dominions full independence, ending the British Empire. With the fall of the British Empire, nationalist forces in France's colonies mobilize to gain their independence. The French, not wanting to suffer the backlash that England experienced, are more willing and let their colonies go.

The world in the modern days are a more peaceful place. Africa is more advanced technologically, and former colonies are more stable. Terrorism is a small threat, but isn't as big as in OTL. There were some more wars in the past, between newly formed nations, but it has all settled down. America is still a major nation, but England has been eclipsed by a resurgent Germany, but this one is not dominated by Prussia, and so is more peaceful. The Soviet Union has been limited to its own territory, as it was forced to let its puppets in Eastern Europe go, or risk all out war, which the USSR would surely lose. Now, the independent nations of eastern Europe act as a barrier against Soviet Expansion, but the Communists are not shunned by the international community. The world could be better, but everyone is glad that things did not come out worse.

End of Timeline.

Created by: Azecreth 16:28, September 18, 2010 (UTC)

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