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Churchill, by now an elderly man, wishes to leave Great Britain her empire, even after his death. Therefore, he proposes to begin a new economic program to boost the economies of the colonies, especially India and Africa.

Loans and incentives are provided to the colonies to encourage economic growth, and a massive program to build infrastructure is started. Churchill's theory, that by encouraging economic growth, the empire should remain together for much longer, and become stronger while doing so, is reluctantly accepted by Parliament, even though the British economy itself was on the edge of financial collapse due to the war with Germany and the occupation and rebuilding of Western Germany and the puppet state of France.

However, the program was a massive success. With new mines, factories, businesses and enterprises started throughout the British Empire. Soon the colonialists, formerly ambivalent to the empire, soon come around to support the British like never before. The economy in India, Sub-Saharan Africa and British Europe soon massively increases, the GDP doubling like never before.

However, all is not well on the foreign stage. The United States, which ended the war with a massive Pacific Empire, and the Soviet Union, which occupies Eastern Europe, including Eastern Germany, Romania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, are glaring at each other, with war threatening to break out at any time. With no nuclear weapons (yet), this would mean either a naval/air war, a series of proxy wars, or the unthinkable: an invasion of either the United States or the Soviet Union. Great Britain had taken neither side, instead focusing on the Empire. Now, in 1955, with the economic revitalization of the Empire underway, they are strong enough to take a side. What does the British do?

Created by Tbguy1992 14:33, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

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