In July 1941 the first British volunteer force was set up by John Amery. The British Free Corps was founded at the former RMA Sandhurst on July 26th, with 80 volunteers attending. The Corps was recognised by the SS as a training formation in September, when Sandhurst was renamed the J.F.C. Fuller training school. By that time the unit consisted of nearly 300 men, most of whom were former members of the BUF. Amery himself went through training, and was given the rank of Hauptsturmfuhrer and served as acting commander of the unit.

British Free Corps

Formed: July 26th 1941 Commanders: Hauptsturmfuhrer John Amery (July 26th 1941 - October 3rd 1941), Hauptsturmfuhrer Franz Seidl (October 3rd 1941 - June 19th 1943), Brigadefuhrer Johann Schmidt (June 19th 1943 - August 12th 1944), Brigadefuhrer Thomas Cooper (August 12th 1944 - March 3rd 1945)

First British Volunteer Force, saw service on Moscow front in winter 1941/42, assigned special duties in General Government, responsible for Jewish resettlement in England summer 1942. Returned to front line service 1943, suffered heavy losses around Stalingrad.

SS Division Black Prince

Formed: February 10th 1943

SS Division Iron Duke

Formed: March 2nd 1943 Commanders:

SS Division Wessex

SS Division Mercia

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