British Union
Timeline: Hitler's Anxiety

OTL equivalent: United Kingdom
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Power through strength (English)

Capital Cardiff
Largest city Dublin
Language English
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Groups
  others Scottish, Welsh
Demonym British
Government Totalitarian
Area 76,221 square miles
Population 47 million at its height 
Established 1 January 1950
Independence from Germany
The British Union (also referred to as Britain or Nazi Britain) was a Fascist nation comprised of three member states (Ireland, Wales and Scotland) situated in the British Isles and established in 1950, bordering only England. The nation has since been absorbed by England in 1990 and become part of the new British Empire. It covered 76,221 sq mi of land and was home to around 47 million people at its height. The nation was founded in 1950 by Oswald Mosley after the occupation of Britain by Nazi Germany was lifted. The nation originally included England in addition to its other member states, but England successfully rebelled in 1952, gaining independence. The only real significance of the nation throughout history was the fact that it blocked American aid from reaching England during the Cold War.

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