Following the German invasion of Britain in 1940, the UK was divided into occupied and unoccupied zones. However it was decided that Britain should be reunified into a new nation. From the Autumn of 1941 the British Union of National Socialists began taking on some administrative duties. In November 1941 their leader, Oswald Mosley, went to Berlin to visit Hitler, where he was able to persuade him to make him Leader of a new British State.


The British State has an authoritarian system of government, with powers of head of state and government being vested in the Leader.

Leaders of Britain

Oswald Mosely 1942 - 1980 (Council of state during his final illness 1975 - 1980)

Margaret Thatcher 1980 - 2002

John Tyndall 2002 - 2005

Between 1975 and 1980 Mosley governed with the assistance of a State Council, consisting of Propaganda Secretary Margaret Thatcher, First Lady Diana Mosley


The British State is divided into 129 counties, with the City of London being divided into 32 boroughs.




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