Flag of the British Socialist Federal Republic by NuclearVacuum

National Flag of the British Socialist Federal Republic.

The British Socialist Federal Republic (Welsh:Prydeinig Sosialaidd Gweriniaeth Ffederal) ( Gaelic:Na Bhreataine Phòblacht Chónaidhme Shóisialach) is a island country in northern Europe. It is composed of four constituent Countries: England, Wales, Scotland, , and the Falkland Islands within that last having an autonomous region, Northern Ireland, which had its autonomy since the Home Rule Pacts of 1916 and with the BSFR established, its autonomy within the Constituent Country of Ireland was ratified. The country has the most modern socialist system in the world. While it is a totally socialist country and its guided always in that way by the Supreme People's Commission, Not Communist parties are permitted and they can contest in national elections, with the Communist Party of the British Socialist Federal Republic having itself more than one list depending on how they see communism each list of the CP.

The country has as legal currency, the Pound Sterling a), which are used in the Island. Currencies are produced by the People's National Bank of Great Britain.

Its climate its mainly wet, with showers all-day on during most of the year except summer being the most usual type of weather in it. Snow also occurs in Northernmost Scotland in winter and in the rest of the country exceptionally.

The Country also possesses two autonomous Countries of the BSFR which are the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, having also two Socialist Possessions (Gibraltar and Hong Kong).

In 2010, an escission of the Scottish National Party not-pro independence members, resulting in the founding of the coalition for the future of Scotland, won the Scottish National Elections with the NCP (New Communist Party) being the second most voted list, won the elections, as it the SNP in OTL proposed a referendum for whether Scotland had to separate of the Federation , continue with its devolved powers, or the called "devolution max" which consisted in devolve ALL powers of the Chambers of Nations in relation to Scotland to the Scottish government, except currency and defense) but with Scotland still remaining part of the British Socialist Federal Republic. That option gained a lot of popular support in the Republic, winning the 2014 Referendum with a landslide 74% of the votes in favour of devolution max, one month after the referendum, the Scottish Parliament solemnly proclaimed the Republic of Scotland's sovereignty within the BSFR. One Year before, in 2013, the Falkland Islands, which previously were a socialist possession, voted to stay British and for fully integration into the BSFR as a constituent country. All the Remaining Colonies in America voted to join Canada at the same time that they lose Quèbec which became independent after the worsening of relations with Canada. The Other Colonies joined the country that had more near and the rest were declared international territory (UNO).

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