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British Salutariat
Timeline: A Looser Union

OTL equivalent: British Empire
Salubritflag8 Salutbritemblem
Flag Coat of Arms

Unity, Fraternity, Liberty (English)

Capital London
Largest city London
Other cities Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow, Bombay, Calcutta, Cairo, Zanzibar City, New Jerusalem, Kingston, St Augustine, Managua, Ogwa, Kreshnapur, Liverpool
  others Hindi, Yiddish, Arabic, Chinese, many others
Religion Atheist
Ethnic Groups
New British (Mixed Race)
  others White, Indian, African, African-Caribbean, Asian,
Demonym British
Government Salutist democracy
  legislature Popular Congress
Population approx. 700 million 
Established 7th January 1919
Currency Pound

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