Today in the UK the monarchy is at the height of it's popularity, in 2011 there was a royal wedding, in 2012 a Diamond Jubilee and in 2013 the birth of future King George VII. It's really unimaginable what Britain would be like without the royals, however this timeline will attempt to imagine so, these are several turning points in British history which will ensure a revolution in 1799:
Official-wedding-3 1884416b

The official wedding photo of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011

Charles I wins the English Civil War

The British monarch would continue to wield absolute power

Similar to that of France, Britain would soon collapse due to mishandling by the Monarch

The American colonies break away just like in OTL, this makes British subjects question, do we need a monarch?

After King George III goes "mad" his son George, Prince of Wales becomes regent, he is extremely unpopular

Revolution in France escalates violence in Britain

The failure of the Irish rebellion of 1798 pushes Britain to the brink

Revolution begins in 1799.

Extended Timeline


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