The 2005 British Senatorial was held alongside the British Republic general election, 2005.

2004 United Kingdom 2006
British Republic senatorial election, 2005
80 of 320 seats in the British Senate
May 5, 2005 (2005-05-05)
First party Second party Third party
Leader Charles Kennedy Tony Blair Michael Howard
Party [[Social Liberal|Template:Social Liberal/meta/shortname]] [[Leftist Alliance|Template:Leftist Alliance/meta/shortname]] [[Conservative Party|Template:Conservative Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since 3rd August 2000 21st July 1994 6th November 2003
Leader's seat NA NA NA
Last election 139
At stake: 15
At stake: 61
At stake: 1
Seats won 188 106 18
Seat change +49 -49 +1
Fourth party
Leader Caroline Lucas
Party [[Green Party|Template:Green Party/meta/shortname]]

Leader since 4th April 2002
Leader's seat NA
Last election 9
At stake: 3
Seats won 8
Seat change -1

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