The 1990 British Presidential Election was the first election to the Presidency of the British Republic. The election took place under a two-round system in which if no candidate won an outright majority in the first round, the two highest polling candidates would proceed to a run-off election in which the winner would be declared President.

1990 United Kingdom 1997
British presidential election, 1990 Second Round
23rd May and 4th June 1990
Nominee David Steel Ian Anderson
Party [[Social Liberal Party|Template:Social Liberal Party/meta/shortname]] [[British Union of Fascists|Template:British Union of Fascists/meta/shortname]]
Popular vote 18,304,193 13,338,481
Percentage 57.8% 42.2%

Previous President

David Steel
[[Social Liberal Party|Template:Social Liberal Party/meta/shortname]]


Within the British Constitution the role of Presidential was largely ceremonial.


Candidate Party Number of Votes Percentage Of Votes Second Round Votes Second Round Percentage
David Steel Social Liberal Party 8,057,323 24.9 18,304,193 57.8
Ian Anderson British Union of Fascists 6,053,168 18.7 13,338,481 42.2
Michael Foot Leftist Alliance 4,891,208 18.2
Michael Heseltine Conservative Party 4,243,366 13.1
Roy Jenkins Social Democrats 4,210,973 13.0
Arthur Scargill Worker's Party 3,842,413 11.9
David Sutch Monster Raving Loony Party 64,784 0.2

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