The 2007 British Republic EU membership referendum was held alongside the British Republic senatorial election, 2007 (Fascist Coup Britain).
British Republic European Union Membership Referendum
Location British Republic
Date 3 May 2007
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British negotiations to join the EU had long been troubled by the opposition of various coalitions partners within British governments, first within the Leftist alliance, in which the Worker's Party and Socialist Party opposed membership preventing the party from supporting membership within the 1990-95 Liberal-Leftist government, and later within the Conservative Party in which the right-wing factions opposed membership. These divisions continued until the British Republic general election, 2005 (Fascist Coup Britain) in which the Social Liberal party, the leading pro-EU party, formed a minority government receiving outside support from the Conservative Party and Green Party, ensuring the government had a majority in favour of EU membership enabling the Legislative Assembly to ratify the necessary legislation to hold a referendum on membership.

The Campaign

Following the calling of the referendum the various political parties declared there stance towards the EU:

  • Social Liberal Party: in favour of membership
  • Leftist Alliance:
    • Labour Party: in favour
    • Social Democratic Party: in favour
    • Cooperative Party: in favour
  • Conservative Party: neutral
  • Green Party: in favour
  • British Union of Fascists: opposed
  • Worker's Party: opposed


The referendum resulted in almost two thirds of voters voting in favour of EU membership; following the referendum the Legislative Assembly and President quickly ratified the Ascension treaty to the EU and Britain formally joined the EU in March 2009, just before the European Parliament Election, 2009 (British Republic) (Fascist Coup Britain).