The British Raj was a former country in what is now known as Hindustan. It is a time of British-Indian rule from 1833 to 1861 until the Sepoy Revolution. British control there was originated by the British East India Co., which was a major controller of the trade monopoly in India. After the conquest of Britain by Napoleon in 1823, most members of the British government as well as refugees from the former country settled in India. At first, they were considered a separate country from the rest of India. However, after 1833, British Raj began the conquest of the Indian subcontinent. Although they used mostly war to control India, they used diplomacy as well to get Indian states to join the British Raj. By 1851, the last independent Indian kingdom fell to the British Raj.

During the time of British Raj, many princely states slowly were incorporated into the empire through bribing and coups. At this time, the British Raj, with the influence of British settlers, began to develop of strong, industrial army. Border disputes with Persia began the rivalry of both countries. Many whites often intermarried with the Indians, forming a race called Misrajatis (Hindi for “mixed races”). However, white and Misrajati supremacy over the native Indians led to the Sepoy Revolution, overthrowing the British exile government and forming the country of Hindustan.

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