There are currently 14 Overseas Territories under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. The territories are considered to be the former remains of the British Empire (even through many people still refer to the nation as such). Since start of decolonisation in the 1970s and its eventual end in the 1990s, many British territories wished to remain under the direct rule of the monarchy. British Overseas Territories are found on most every continent. This differs from nations that are Co-Dominions that are ruled by two Monarchs from two different nations, with the most well-known example being the Anglo-Dutch Co-Dominion of Transvaal and the Kingdom of Malaysia. While other nations like Canada, Australia, Zanzibar, Sudan, Congo and a few other African territories are considered Dominions of the British Imperial Commonwealth, a political union that is considered to be the successor to the British Empire.

List of British Overseas Territories


Located in the former Italian territory of Yemen, (Now the Republic of Yemen) Aden is an important port city in the Red Sea, and is used by the UK for oil production and hosts an airfield that is used by the RAF and Civilian aircraft. The Parliament uses the same Westminster system, as used by their British masters, the Aden Conservatives are currently in power.


Location of Aden (Pink)

Akrotiri and Dhekelia

Akortiri and Dhekelia are two military bases that are under British administration, established in 1960 with the handover of British Cyprus to the Greek Monarchy, the two bases were exempt from the treaty and have been established an Overseas Territory. Greeks, Cypriots and Brits are allowed to move freely through the territories. The bases have been used for civilian use as the Cold War came to a close. The surrounding cliffs and beaches are also minor tourist attractions in the area.


Bermuda is the primary spaceport of the United Kingdom (second only to the Prince Andrew Spaceport located in Zanzibar). The Colony was founded in 1707 when the United Kingdom was officially formed. During the Cold War, Bermuda was made into one of the most heavily militarised Colonies due to their location in the Gulf of Mexico, providing a key listening post for spying on the Californians. The capital is Hamilton, the island is the 2nd most populated Territory, with the first being Hong Kong, having a population of 75,451 as of 2014.

Topography of Bermuda

Location of Bermuda

British Antarctic Territory

Britain controls a small portion of the Antarctic coast, as dictated by the Antarctic Treaty of 1959, which outlined how the continent would be controlled. Britain had claimed the territory since the 1870s, building small outposts on the coast to gain the various resources that were present.

British Indian Ocean Territory

Britain controls a small amount of islands in the Indian Ocean, some of which are also managed with the Australian and the Maharashtran governments. The Native peoples, the Chagossians, number around 4500 people on the island of Diego Garcia, serve in the local government and military, which has a presence on the Island as Garcia is host to the joint US-UK naval base Camp Thunder Cove. 

British North Sea Territory

The UK controls a few islands in the North Sea that are collectively known as the North Sea Territory. The Scottish government controls these islands and are under their direct control, although the government in Westminster can override anything that they deem unconstitutional and take direct control of the islands from the Scots.

British West Indies Territory

Britain controls a large amount of islands in the West Indies. The capital of the British West Indies is in Kingston, Jamaica. All of the islands are self governing, but the territories as a whole are represented as one nation during the Imperial Commonwealth Games and in government affairs.


Gibraltar is a small territory that is located in Southern Spain. Seized from the Spanish 1704, the small city has been an important base for the Royal Navy during the Cold War, having been host to various listening posts in the area. The Spanish government claims the territory as apart of the province of Andalusia, which has been a small issue throughout the territories history.

Flag of Gibraltar

Flag of Gibraltar


Guyana is a territory in the northern half of South America. The territory has been under the control of the United Kingdom since 1796. The nation gained world-wide prominence when the People's Temple, a Californian Doomsday cult, performed the largest mass suicide in history in Jonestown, the Cult's headquarters. The United Kingdom has since increased their military presence in the region to contain similar groups and monitor any military incursions that Gran Colombia attempts to do.

Hong Kong

One of the most well known British Overseas Territories in the world, Hong Kong (and what is considered to be its sister city, Portuguese Macau) have been ruled by their respective nations since the mid to late 1800s. Hong Kong has made billions from its movie industry, which allowed martial artists like Bruce Lee to shoot to stardom during the mid to late 1970s. Hong Kong is also seen as one of the business capitals of the world. In 1997, the British and Chinese agreed to update the treaty that allowed the British to keep Hong Kong permanently as a Crown Colony.


British Hong Kong, circa 1980

Pitcairn Islands 

The Pitcairn Islands were founded by the descendants of of Tahitian natives and members of the British ship the HMS Bounty. The Islands are the least populated out of all of the British Territories, with a stable population of around 60 people.

Suez Canal Territory

The Anglo-Ottoman Suez Canal Company own the territory of the Suez Canal in Egypt. The British and Ottoman Monarchs have controlled the region that flows through Egypt and Israel-Palestine since the 1880s, although the government  only controls over the canal and a few surrounding towns, the territory is seen as a vital route for international shipping.


Yucatan is one of the other more well known Overseas Territories of the United Kingdom. The territory has slightly more autonomy when compared to other territories. Formed in the mid 1830s in the aftermath of the Anglo-Mexican War, Yucatan has an odd blend of British and Meso-american culture, with many of the native peoples serving in the local governments.

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