British National Reactionary Party (Formerly British Nationalist Party or British Independence Party)
Leader Nigel Farge
Founder Alan Sked
Founded September 4, 1992
Newspaper The Monarchist
Student wing Britain's student believers of reunited under Monarch
Youth wing Britain's young believers of reunited under Monarch
Membership 74,000+ (England as 2014); 21,643 (Scotland before banned since 2012); 6,421 (Wales before banned since 2009)
Ideology British Nationalism (Mainly),
British Monarchism (Mainly),
'Soft' British Ultra-Nationalism (Mainly),
National conservatism (Mainly),
English Automism and British Reunification since 2003
Political position Socially: Right-wing
Fiscally: Centre-Right to Right-wing
Religion Anglicanism (English branch); Church of Scotland (Scottish branch); Church of Wales (Welsh branch)
National affiliation England (Mainly); Scotland and Wales (Very minority)
It was originally named British Nationalist Party or British Independence Party until 2002 that United Kingdom was enforced dissolved by Racial Irish, Scottish and Welsh Nationalist killing Last King of United Kingdom; King Charles and Queen Diana by Scottish Rebel leader's artillery through six days. After Dissolved of United Kingdom the Party renamed as British National Reactionary Party and moved headquarters at London, Republic of England. But it's also Scotland and Wales first Banned party from any all of their elections due of Racial Nationalism on Britishness and more loosely on making their own new Monarchy under seemly absolute monarch with rumors of burning The Magna Carta as it's seen as a curse of "First" Monarchy.

History of Party





It contains originally 600 members in 1993 and remain until United Kingdom as enforced dissolved by Racials Nationalists in All regions of British Isles except mostly England.

After nation dissolved, Around 63% of English people are reget of United Kingdom as same time of English Republican Party were almost gain several new members around 600 as this Party gain 500% members by 5000 people want reunited and creating new monarchy as original royal family as wiped out after racial nationalists killed them.

Since 2005, It grew 24,000 more members every five years as several more want to believe British Reunification under new monarchy.