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Britain fails to capture Cuba during the Seven Years War, but gets Louisiana from the French. A loyalist Louisiana becomes a western Canada to the nascent USA.

This timeline is originally by Chlewey.


Nations and territories

In 1801

In 1901

In 2001

Secondary POD

All secondary POD are caused by butterfly effect from the main POD, but affect diferent scenarios of World History.

South America
1783: Spain decides to crush the South American rebellions that followed the American Independence War by destroying the communities and sending massive deportations to Florida and California.
1787: The French Revolution happens but on a more moderate rate. Much smaller Terror, no regicide, and no paved path to a Napoleonic empire.
1790: Prussian King Frederick Wilhem II is so concentrated in weakening Austria that instead of acting upon Polish reforms that OTL lead to the second partition of Poland, supports instead the Netherlandish Union.

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