Previous England invades the Reich (CYOAH)

Having been stopped the German occupied Maginot Line, Prime Minister Winston Churchill demands that a new course of action be drawn up to break the stalemate. The mighty Royal Navy, as of yet virtually undamaged in the war, offers a plan to force a landing in the actual German territory between Kiel and Willhelmshaven. Churchill agrees, and several divisions are quietly removed from France to prepare for the attack.

On April 1, 1941, the British Battleships open fire on the two cities, the RAF bombs the rail lines and U-Boat pens to pieces, and the British land the invasion force. Surprise was complete, as the Nazi's had never expected the British to try to push into their homeland. The German's resist fiercely, but are overwhelmed. Beachheads had been secured by April 7, and more and more forces were poured in to hold the line and to then prepare for a break out of the rapidly arriving German forces.

However, the U-boats, having not been able to stop the invasion fleet, now attacked with a vengeance on the supply ships, severally damaging the build up, which started to take several months. And with the invasion of the German homeland, the leadership in choas since the death of Hitler and Himmler now supported Franz von Papen, who, though not a Nazi, was a German nationalist, and was able to rally the nation to resist.

By June, the British finally feel secure enough to launch the long awaited attack to march on the industrial center of Hamburg. But what happens?

Created By Tbguy1992 16:27, July 23, 2011 (UTC)

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