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British Indian Ocean Territory
Flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory Coat of arms of the British Indian Ocean Territory
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of the British Indian Ocean Territory
Location of British Indian Ocean Territory

In tutela nostra Limuria (English)

Anthem "God Save The Queen,"
(and largest city)
Diego Garcia
Language English
Religion Roman Catholic
Demonym English,American
Government Military Junta
  legislature Board Of Military directors
Area 60 km²
Population 4,235 
Organizations UK Military, US Military


In 1966, the British Government purchased the privately owned copra plantations and closed them down. Over the next five years, the British authorities forcibly and clandestinely removed the entire population of about 2,000 people.

In 1971, the United Kingdom and the United States signed a treaty, leasing the island of Diego Garcia to the American Military for the purposes of building a large air and naval base on the Island, The strategic location of the island was also significant at the centre of the Indian Ocean, and to counter any Soviet threat in the region.


The military base was at its usual DEFCON, no activity was seen before the attacks.


Diego Garcia did not fire any type of warheads at USSR due to not having any at the time. The base was spared from the Soviet missiles.


After the attacks, the base lost all communications with the world. It soon formed a Military type of government. The military began to do all it could to keep the base alive.


Agricultural and Fishing became the main jobs of the nation. Due to no supplies, the island's air force is useless.


The Government is ran by a Military Junta, Alexander Bennet, from Kentucky, is the highest ranking officer in the B.I.O.T, he controls the Government with his advisors.



Diego Garcia's military base is home to the territory's only airport (one paved runway over 3000 metres long), capable of operating very heavy USAF bombers like the B-52 and the Space Shuttle if ever required in a mission abort, and only one major seaport.

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