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The British Empire was the group of colonies, dependencies and protectorates under British control.


Red=Britain, Pink=colonies/dependencies/protectorates, purple=dominions, light purple=dominion dependencies


see also wikipedias article In 1938, when the British left the league of nations, the British mandates became under the control of the Empire.


  • Flag of the Colony of Aden Aden - Aden Colony
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Aden - Aden Protectorate
  • Bahamas1923 Bahamas - The Bahamas
  • Flag of Bahrain1932 Bahrain - Kingdom of Bahrain, Protectorate
  • Flag of Barbados 1885 Barbados
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Basutoland - Territory of Basutoland
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Bechuanaland - Bechuanaland Protectorate
  • Flag of Bermuda 1910 Bermuda
  • First Flag of Bhutan Bhutan - Bhutan Protectorate
  • Flag of Brunei 1906-1959 Brunei - Brunei Protectorate
  • Flag of British Burma (1937-1948) Burma
  • British Cameroons Flag Cameroon - British Cameroons (from 24 March)
  • Flag of Jamaica (1906-1957) Cayman Islands - Cayman Islands (Jamaica)
  • British Ceylon flag Ceylon - British Ceylon
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Christmas Island
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • Cyprus Blue Ensign 1922 Cyprus
  • Falkland 37 Falkland Islands
  • Flag of Fiji 1924-1970 Fiji
  • Gambia brit Gambia - The Gambia
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Gibraltar
  • Gilbert and Ellice Islands Gilbert and Ellice Islands
  • Flag of the Gold Coast Gold Coast - Colony of Gold Coast
  • Flag of British Guiana Guiana - British Guiana
  • Belizeanflag Honduras - British Honduras
  • HongKong 1910 Hong Kong
  • Flag of Jamaica (1906-1957) Jamaica
  • Flag of Jordan Jordan - Transjordan Protectate (from 29 March)
  • Flag of British East Africa Kenya - Kenya Colony
  • Flag of Kuwait 1915 Kuwait - Kuwait
  • Flag of Leeward Islands 1871-1956 Leeward Islands - British Leeward Islands
  • Flag of the Federated Malay States (1895 - 1946) Malay - Federated Malay States
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Malay - Unfederated Malay States
  • Old State Flag of Maldives Maldives
  • Malta1923 Malta
  • Mauritius 1923 Mauritius
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Muscat and Oman
  • Flag of British Colonial Nigeria Nigeria - Nigeria Protectorate
  • Flag of Nyasaland Nyasaland - Nyasaland Protectorate
  • Flag of North Borneo North Borneo - British North Borneo
  • Flag of the United Kingdom North Rhodesia
  • Flag of the United Kingdom Pacific Territories - British Western Pacific Territories
  • Palestine-Mandate-Ensign-1927-1948 Palestine - British Palestine (24 March - 29 March)
  • Palestine-Mandate-Ensign-1927-1948 Palestine - Jerusalem Protectorate (from 29 March)
  • Qatarold Qatar
  • Indiaflag The Raj - British Raj
  • Flag of the United Kingdom St. Helena - The Territory of Saint Helena
  • Seychellsbrit Seychelles
  • Sierra leone brit Sierra Leone
  • Somaliland Brit Somaliland - British Somaliland
  • Flag of Southern Rhodesia South Rhodesia - Colony of South Rhodesia
  • -Flag of the British Straits Settlements (1874-1942).svg Straits Settlements - British Straits Settlements
  • Flag of Egypt (1922–1958)Flag of the United Kingdom Sudan - Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
  • Flag of Tanganyika Tanganyika (from 24 March)
  • Flag of the Gold Coast Togoland - British Togoland (from 24 March)
  • Winwardisls Windward Islands - British Windward Islands

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