The election to the Constituent Assembly of Great Britain took place on the 18th January 1990 and was a victory for the Pro-Democracy faction within the Assembly who won a majority of seats.

1989 · members United Kingdom members · 1990
British Constituent Assembly Election
All 500 seats to the British Constituent Assembly
January 18, 1990 (1990-01-18)
Turnout 75.3%
First party Second party Third party
Flag of the British Republic Flag of the British Union of Fascists Hammer and sickle
Leader NA NA NA
Party [[Pro-Democracy Alliance|Template:Pro-Democracy Alliance/meta/shortname]] [[BUF|Template:BUF/meta/shortname]] [[Worker's Party|Template:Worker's Party/meta/shortname]]
Leader since NA NA NA
Leader's seat NA NA NA
Last election NA NA NA
Seats won 272 201 27
Seat change +272 +201 +27
Popular vote 17,254,326 12,732,522 4,344,246
Percentage 51.5% 36.4% 12.1%
Swing NA NA NA


The British Union which ruled Britain for 50 years was suddenly overthrown in the British Liveral Revolution which resulted in the establish of the British Provisional Government. After the Provisional Government survived an attempted Communist Coup in the Little Anarchy the Provisional Government announced that elections to the promised Constituent Assembly would be held on the 18th January 1990.

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