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The British Broadcasting Network (BBN) is a broadcasting company used by several British nations. Primarily used to relay information around Britain, it also carries many popular programmes, many of which predate Doomsday. BBN has several radio stations around Britain that work to deliver news to the various British nations. In 1999, BBN acquired a television studio. Since then, they have been producing television shows, including BBNews and Doctor Who.


British Broadcasting Network began in a small radio station in Exeter in 1993. The station had been built earlier in the year to host BBC Radio Devon. Following the catastrophic Doomsday, emergency broadcasts were played by BBC Radio Devon. The broadcasts continued for weeks until, one by one, the surviving channels went silent. BBC Radio Devon in Exeter was the last to go offline, keeping relative radio silence out of fear of a raider attack. While the area remained relatively free of raiders, the station did not go back online until 1987, re-branding itself as a local radio station for the inhabitants of Exeter. Radio Exeter was born.

First used to deliver news to the people of Exeter, the station also played various types of music. While the radio station could be heard by people not living in Exeter as well, it remained chiefly for the people of Exeter until 1993. During this time, Devon was in the midst of being acquired by the Celtic Alliance, which was finalized in 1994. To reflect the acquisition, Radio Exeter became Radio Devon for a short time. Radio Devon became committed to unifying post-Doomsday Britain by establishing itself as an international broadcasting corporation. Stations in the Celtic Alliance and the Federal Republic of the Isle of Wight and Sussex were established, assisting the latter in its quest to re-establish its holdings. Radio Devon was finally renamed British Broadcasting Network (BBN).

Deals with Lancaster and Newolland followed in 1997. More and more stations were built by BBN. New radio shows were started, presenting stories to listeners. 1998 saw the return of Doctor Who. In 1999, the BBN television studio in Exeter was built. Its first broadcast occurred on New Year's Day, 2000. The turn of the millennium saw the retirement of the Devon News Programme and the launch of BBNews, a news station for all of Britain. By 2005, almost all nations in Britain carried BBN.

BBN was revamped in 2008. The revamp became famous for its catchphrase: 'We now return to your scheduled broadcast.' Improvements to the network included new sets for BBNews and the revival of several television programmes. Adaptations of various radio shows were also created. BBN was on the scene in several incidents in Britain, including the Ur Alba War.






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