The British Broadcasting Corporation is the largest broadcaster in the British Isles, though since 1993 it has been broken up into several national corporations, which however share facilities. It consists of three national television channels in the largest nations of the Federated Kingdom, seven national radio stations and a number of local radio stations.

National television channels




National radio channels

Radio 1

Radio 2

Radio 3

Radio 4

Radio 5

Radio 6

Radio 7


Children's programs

In the late Caroline Era, the national BBC television channels examined their approach to children's programmes in the past and in particular recalled the practice of constantly repeating 'Andy Pandy' on a loop of 26 episodes for twenty years. They proceeded to apply this to the whole of their younger children's programmes on the grounds that children of that age would be unaware of repeats and would rapidly grow out of watching them. As a result, all younger children's programmes have been the same since 1979, allowing more money to be spent on programmes aimed at older children. However, they were remastered in 1982 for HDTV.

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