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The British decides that a swift thrust through the German forces in Belgium would be sufficient to break the line, liberate both Belgium and Holland, then advance on Germany from the west. General Lord Gort, commander of the British Armies, decides to focus the attack in Flanders, which lead to many of his under officers, most of whom had fought in World War One, to protest. However, Gort would not be dissuaded, and the date for the attack was set on October 8, 1940.

A massive artillery bombardment that evening shatters the German line, and the British advance quickly through the opening near the infamous town of Ypres. However, almost instantly, reports of strong German resistance flood Headquarters, and General Gort is faced with a decision: continue along the plan, confront the German's, or hold tight?

Forward! We almost got them!

Destroy the German reinforcements!

Hold up! We've gone far enough!

Created by Tbguy1992 17:20, September 14, 2011 (UTC)

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