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The English decide to avoid the defensive fortifications on the Franco-German border, by going through Italy. British troops are massed in the Alps, and in a lighting strike, break through the Italian defenses and drive into Italy. The Italians try to stop them, but subsequent British landings in Salerno are able to divert Italian reinforcements.

After months of fierce fighting, on July 17, 1942, Rome falls to British forces. With Italy under their control, they redeploy their forces northward to finish off the Germans. The Germans, who have strengthened their defenses with forces pulled from Poland, prepare to fight them off. However, the British have been reinforced with French troops, and they plan for a grand offensive.

On August 1, the British launch Operation Thresher. British troops attack from the Franco-German border, and the Italo-German border. The Germans, despite fighting hard, are pushed back due to the superior force used against them. In Poland, rebels rise up to gain independence. The Germans stage rearguards, but are unable to stop the British and the French. Finally, on April 18, 1943, the British and French enter Berlin, and the Nazi government surrender.

The Nazi's have been defeated, but Europe lies in ruins once again. A peace must be made, but how will the victors secure peace for future generations, and prevent a new war?

Divide Germany among the victors

Set up a democracy in Germany

Punish them

Let them deal for themselves

Created by: Azecreth 18:08, March 11, 2011 (UTC)

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