British America
Timeline: No Revolution

OTL equivalent: United States, Canada
Flag Seal
Flag of British America Great Seal of British America
Map of British America
Location of America

("God Save the Queen")

Anthem "God Save the Queen"
Capital Williamsburg
Largest city Williamsburg
Language English
Demonym American
Government Overseas territory
Governor tbd
Population 385,101,200 
Established 1607
Currency American pound
Calling Code +1.2
Internet TLD
British America, commonly referred to as simply America, is a British overseas territory located in North America. It consists of 21 districts, including the capital district of Williamsburg. It has a population of 385 million, as of a 2014 census. It was established in 1607, however territory has significantly expanded since establishment. The current Governor of British America is tbd. 

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