The British Alliance, sometimes abbreviated the BA, is an alliance consisting of British nations to establish long term peace in the British Isles and to make sure that we are united in these tough times.

The members of the BA at the moment is just Wales.

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Invited Members

  • Welsh Republic - AH28
  • Celtic Republic -
  • Alliance of the Northern Scotish Isles -
  • Alliance of the Northern English countries (if they recognise Wales as the ruler of Devon, Cornwall and Wales and stop mingling in Devon affairs seeing as they are up north) -
  • Dictatorship of Mulinster (if they change to a democracy) -


British Nations claim on the British Isles

Here is where you put what land do you want in the British Isles, this means that we don't have any arguments about any overlapping land.

Welsh Republic -

  • Wales
  • Cornwall
  • Devon
  • A town in the Isle of Man

Celtic Republic -

Alliance of the Northern Scottish Isles -

  • Edinburgh to Glasgow and North
  • All the Hebrides and other Isles
  • A town in the Isle of Man

Alliance of the Northern English countries -

Dictatorship of Mulinster -


Alliance of North: We find ourselves unable to join in this alliance as we deem it not needed it for us and to Welsh biased.

The Manx Agreement

The great nation of the Welsh Republic would like to offer an agreement which means that the Isle of Man doesn't become a battleground of all the British nations but to become a vassal of all our nations. The nation will be called the 'British Vassal of Manx' and the Scottish, Celts, English and the Welsh all have a town under there control of there choise (except from Douglas). Douglas would be the capital and Irish, English, Scottish English and Welsh will be the official languages.

  • Welsh Republic
  • The Arctic Union


Alliance of North: No, we already have the Isles of Man under our supervision we don't need someone else help to run our territory

British Football Cup

The great nation of the Welsh Republic offees for there to be a 'British Football Cup' in the upcoming years. It will involve the 6 nations (Wales, Celts, Northern England, Northern Scotland, Manx and Mulinter) in 2 leagues and the top nation of both of the leagues will play a final to decide who won. The 2no placed teams will play in a 3rd and 4th playoff to decide whose 3rd.

If 5 nations play then there will be 1 league and the top 2 will play in the final. The 1st place team will play at home, who ever wins that games wins the cup. There will be no 3rd and 4th play off.