Southern mexico

El estado del norte de México.

1918 Britain was defeated by the Germans by several bombing raids on the western and home front.

Finally Britain withdrew and France and America failed to defend France and France was captured.

Then Britain itself was invaded and London fell within a week. Britain was renamed

Deutsch England



Britain's overseas colonies New Zealand, Australia, India, Egypt, Canada, Ireland, etc., fell to Germany.


Die königliche deutschen Staat von Amerika

Italy fell in November that year and Italy's colonies were seized by the Germans.

Mexico finally sided on with Germany and invaded America creating the Die königliche deutschen Staat von Amerika (The Royal German state of America.) In the North and El estado del norte de México (The  Northern state of Mexico.) in the South.

In Africa Spain's colony ceased to exist by 1919 and Belgium's colony, fell too. And so Deutsch Afrika

(German Africa.) Came into existence. With its capital of Cairo. Its official religion being Christian.

The Period of this timeline was known as the Zeit der Eroberung (Period of conquest.) And it lasted until 1920.

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