The Britano-Dutch Commonwealth is a supernational organisation comprising of the colonial empires of the home countries.


Flag State Capital Status Notes
Aden Aden Union Protectorate
Anarctic Territory N/a Teritory
Antilles Province Colony
Arakan Fief Fief of Burma
Atlantic Islands Territory N/a Territory
Bahamas Colony
Belize Colony
Bermuda Colony
Canada Quebec Dominion
Cape Colony Cape Town Dominion
Ceylon Colombo Colony
Cuba Havana Dominion
Dejima N/a Enclave Enclave of Japan
Flag of England England London Kingdom
Florida St Augustine Dominion
Formosa Anping Fief Fief of China
Gold Coast Yassamasoukro Colony
Guiana Colony
Hudson Bay Territory York Factory Territory
Illinois Detroit Dominion
Indian Enclaves N/a Enclave Enclaves of several Indian States
Indian Ocean Terrirory N/a Territory
Indonesia Batavia Dominion
St Patrick's saltire Ireland Kingdom
Jamaica Kingston Dominion
Fiji Kingdom Protectorate
Henricana Dominion
Kingsland Dominion
Kuwait Kuwait City Emirate Protectorate
Flag of the Netherlands United Netherlands Amsterdam Kingdom
Nassau Flag Nassau Nassau County
New England Flag (MAAN) New England Dominion
New South Wales Dominion
New Zeeland Dominion
Newfoundland Dominion
Oman Sultanate
Patagonia Colony
Philippines Manila Dominion
Puerto Rico San Juan Dominion
Sierra Leone Colony
Flag of Scotland Scotland Edinburgh Kingdom
Trucial States Union Protectorate
Virginia Dominion
Western Australia Dominion
Brit-Dutch Flag   Members of the Britano-Dutch Commonwealth   Brit-Dutch Flag

England | Ireland | Nassau | Netherlands | Scotland

Dominions and Protectorates

Aden | Canada | Cape Colony | Cuba | Fiji | Florida | Henricana | Illinois | Indonesia | Jamaica | Kingsland | Kuwait | Newfoundland | New England | New Holland | New South Wales | New Zeeland | Oman | Philippines | Puerto Rico | Trucial States | Virginia | Western Australia


Antilles Province | Arakan | Atlantic Islands Territory | Bahamas | Belize | Bermuda | Ceylon | Dejima | Formosa | Gold Coast | Guinea | Hudson Bay Territory | Indian Ocean Territory | Patagonia | Sierra Leone | United Antarctic Territory | United India Enclaves

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