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In 1585, history has told us that British Empire was established after Spain losing the war in Anglo-Spanish War. Thanks to Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake, a common pirate, who was commanding the English fleet.

However, that's not the point. The point is about that England alternatively established its own armed forces that will change the history forever
Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I


Only point of divergence of this althernative history was that Queen Elizabeth I established her own's armed forces for the first time that made the "Britannian Empire" the most powerful nation in the world until now.


  • Kingdom of England established their army and navy in 1579, and then conquer all the lands of the Great Britain and Ireland.
  • Kingdom of England declared war on Kingdom of Spain and its allied in 1585, and conquered the Netherlands in 1587.
  • Kingdom of England was able to destroy and annihilate the Spanish Armada in 1588.
  • Kingdom of England conquered 5 countries of Spain (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country and Navarre) after the Battle of Bay of Biscay in 1560.
  • Kingdom of England changed their name into "United Kingdom of Great Britannia, Ireland, Netherlands and Provinces of Spain" and re-organized the armed forces as "Britannian Royal Imperial "Granada" Armed Forces" or "B.R.I.G.A.F" in 1565.
  • the U.K. started to colonize the new-founded North America in the area of Canada and central-eastern part of North America, the term of "Britannian Empire" begins in 1569.
  • B.R.I.G.A.F started to expand their colonies to its greatest extend down to the Central America in 1572, Spanish Empire declared another war on U.K. for violating their territories.
  • With the powerful armed forces, the Britannian Empire was able to expelled the Spanish to Brazil, Britannian Empire establish their colonies in northern part of South America in 1589.
  • Britannian Empire extended more territories across Africa and Asia, the West African Indies Commonwealth (W.A.I.C) was established in 1601 and the Britannian Indian Raj in 1625.
  • Spanish and Portoguese civil wars begans in 1645, the Republican and Unionist won the civil war, causing to expell the Spanish and Portuguese Royal Families to Sweden and Switzerland, the "Republic of Portugal and Spain" was established in 1651, also causing that Spain annexed Portugal. Spanish Empire was ended, leaving Brazil and Spanish American Empire to fall.
  • Napoleonic War began in 1672, the French Empire extended their territories to its greatest extend to Russian Empire's border, circling the borders of the Captured European nations.
  • Napoleon I was humilated by the surrounding nations up against him. The Britannian Empire and Russian Empire were invading Europe back, Britannia holds the western Europe and Central Europe while the Russian Empire holds the Turkish Republic and the eastern part of Europe.
  • Emperor Napoleon I invaded Russia in 1675, British Empire allied with Russian Empire, Britannia invaded the Northern France and the Scandinavian Nations while Russia fought them back to encircle the Emperor Napoleon's "Forces Impériales" in Germany, Emperor Napoleon I surrendered to Russia and Britannia in Berlin and forced to abdicate and exile in Falkland Island. The Russian Empire has the right to control the half of Europe and the Britannian Empire was able to hole the rest of the European nations in the west, Germany begged the two nations to let them be and promised that Germany will annexed only Switzerland, Austria and Denmark, to be left as the Germanic Federation.
  • Russian Empire expanded the territories in Europe and annexed the territories of Turkey and Syrian Empire, Kingdom of Israel, Central Asian Empire and the Northern part of China or called as "Manchuria" in 1701.
  • Chinese Empire, with the help of the Japanese Empire, declared the war on Kingdom of Siam in 1746, Holy Britannian Empire also declared the war on Chinese Empire, Russian Empire do also, to help the Kingdom of Siam, Chinese Empire lost the war. Three allied nations did annexed China and
    Britannica's World map

    Timeline of Present World in Britannica's World

    Japan to stop every nations that try to against them.
  • Kingdom of Siam were annexed the most territories in South East Asia, Oceania and South Africa, only the territory of South Africa was making as a Commonwealth of South Africa in 1775.
  • New Reformation in Siam began in 1803, by the Siamese Generals, the first constitutional imperial monarchy began in this century after the Imperial King has forbidden the order to keep Siam in peace and prosperity, Field Marshal Bhudhiphong Bavornsakda, the leader of the Siamese Generals' Coup has renamed the Kingdom as Imperial Royal Kingdom of Thailand or called as Thailand.
  • In 1825, the countries of South America were united by General Milos Jose Grande as the Spanish Federation of Brazil, Brazil announced that the federation itself with not allied with anyone and stand as a non-aligned nation.
  • African Republican Union was formed in 1875, to despite of all monarchists and communists in their land, although they do it to stabilizes the troops in left Eastern part of Africa
  • Holy Britannian Empire, led by Emperor William I, establish the new His Imperial & Royal Majesty's Government (H.I&R.M.G) in 1905. Causing the Britannian Empire to be a second constitutional monarchy within the Democracy.
  • Russian Empire was dissolve in 1925 after the assassination of the Emperor Mikhail II of Russia. causing the Federational-Republican Party to establish the new Democratic Federation to serve the people. However, the Federatsiya Gubernaya (Federal Government) still facing the civil war with the monarchist and communist.

- The world is now successfully peace without any war. -


World Monarchist Alliance

Nation Capital Language(s) Government
Holy Britannian Empire Virginia D.C English Federal Unitary Imperial Constitutional Monarchy
West African Indies Commonwealth Cairo English, Arabic Commonwealth with Britannia
Britannian Raj of India Mumbai English, Hindu Imperial Commonwealth with Britannia
Imperial Royal Kingdom of Thailand Nakhon Sawan Thai Federal Unitary Imperial Constitutional Monarchy
Commonwealth of South Africa Cape Town Afrikaans, Thai Imperial Commonwealth with Thailand

International Federalist Union

Nation Capital Language(s) Government
Russian Democratic Federation Moscow Russian Federal unitary constitutional full-presidential republic
Spanish Federation of Americas Brazillia de la Espana Spanish, Portuguese Federal unitary constitutional semi-presidential republic

Non-Aligned Union

Nation Capital Language(s) Government
Germanic Federation Berlin German Federal parliamentary semi-presidential republic
Italian Federation Rome Italian Constitutional semi-presidential republic
Republic of Spain and Portugal Madrid de la Espana Spanish, Portuguese Semi-presidential republic
African Republican Union Salisbury Hamito-Semitic Union presidential republic
Kingdom of Norway Oslo Norwegian Unitary constitutional monarchy

Arabian Federation of Nations

Nation Capital Language(s) Government
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Arabic Unitary Islamic Absolute monarchy
Iraq Baghdad Arabic, Kurdish Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
Iran Tehran Persian Parliamentary Islamic republic
Kuwait Kuwait City Arabic Unitary hereditary constitutional monarchy

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