Imperial Powers (world war two)

British colonies in red.

Sidenote: In this Paradox Hitler has no hatred of minorities but still has his hatred of the Communists. He still shares the belief that, as Anglo-Saxons, the British are part of the master race, but sees himself as a preacher of their culture, rather than trying to eliminate those without it. The League of Nations was never invented.

  • June 1939- Britain and Germany sign an axis agreement, intended against the USSR.
  • July 1939- Hitler purchases the Polish Corridor without threat or use of force.
  • October 1939- Germany takes control of western Russia.
  • Early November 1939- Britain invades both Eastern Russia and parts of China.
  • December 1939- Britain signs agreement with Japan, already controlling Manchuria, to split China.
  • April 1939- Britain controls large amounts of both China and Russia, however Mussolini invades parts before Britain can reach it.
  • January 1940- Hitler reclaims colonies lost in Versailles Treaty but allows Britain to keep her mandates.
  • February 1940- Britain gifts part of Russia to Japan.
  • March 1940- Spain under Franco decides to invade Greece, leading to a disagreement between Hitler and Franco.
  • Late March 1940- Mussolini decides to invade Uzbekistan.
  • November 1940- Mussolini signs a pact with General Franco in Milan.
  • April 1941- France decides to invade Saudi Arabia, believing it is losing influence in the world.
  • June 1941- France joins Germany in the invasion of Brazil.
  • December 1941- Spain invades neighbour Portugal.
  • August 1942- Spain re-declares sovereign authority over South America.
  • August 1942- Italy invades Iran.
  • September 1942- Great Britain reveal their new Navy and Air force, triple the size of their predecessor and the Average firepower doubled.
  • October 1942- Hitler completes Lintz, he agrees with new Prime Minister Lord Halifax that it will be the home of Art and London the home of historic memorabilia.
  • February 1943- The USA decides to join the European imperialism and starts to claim colonies in Africa.
  • March 1943- France joins alliance with Spain and Italy.
  • August 1943- Hitler passes laws to make Anti-Semitism illegal and also passes the Equality act for the Reich.
  • December 1943- The USA declares that they will not join an Alliance.
  • February 1944- France tries to reclaim African colonies from Germany.
  • March 1944- Lord Halifax resigns due to ill health.
  • May 1944- Labour win General Election, Ernest Bevin becomes Prime Minister.
  • Ernest Bevin is less supportive of the French, June 1944, Hitler exploits his inexperience and declares war on the Alliance.

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