Britannia Victor (Britannia Is Victorious), is a term used by the government, military, and population of the Empire of Britannia. The saying evolved from the victory cry of ancient Rome, Roma Victor. It is believed by historians, that the modern saying was first used by Emperor Britannicus The Great, after his victory over William The Failure at the Battle of Hastings. The great victory at Hastings, as well as the specific phrase, is cherished by Britannians everywhere, and has inspired plays, operas, poets, and the modern National Anthem of Britannia. Since the mid 1800's, when the Emperor presides over the Imperial Senate, he ends the session with "Britannia Victor" which is repeated by the Senators, before they are dismissed.

National Anthem

No one person is credited with creating the current National and Imperial anthem of Britannia, although the earliest known copy of the modern version was originally a poem in the 1740's. It is really a combination of lyrics from poems and operas from different time periods, and the tune of the song was originally from a play. But what all these pieces have in common, was their praise for the Emperor, or Britannia herself. The poem was finally made into a song in 1790, and quickly became popular amongst both the Nobility and the regular masses. By decree of Emperor Marcus Felix in 1851, the song officially became the National Anthem, and was first sung as such in front of the Senate Building, to a crowd of over 20,000 people. Even to this day, for many Britannians, the song inspires deep feelings of love and patriotism for the Empire, and is seen as both a popular and an Imperial anthem.

("Note, the tune is the same as God Save The Queen. And some of the lyrics were inspired by Heil Dir Im Siegerkranz.")


Hail to thee Britannia,

Strong and formidable!

Pride of mankind!

Lead forth our Emperor,

Long may he live and rule

To be darling of thy people!

Britannia Victor!

(Repeat last four lines)

Our soldiers shall not rest,

Family prayers accompany them

To keep them safe.

Then we shall all stand

Valiant for our Fatherland,

Our swords faithfully by our sides

To strike our foes!

(Repeat last four lines)

No invader will prevail,

We guard our Empire

With courage and pride!

Truth in our Fatherland,

Faith in our Emperor.

God bless our beautiful realm!

Britannia Victor!

(Repeat last four lines)

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