— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: England and Wales
Britannia II
Location of Britain
(and largest city)
Londinium (London)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Celtic (Lingua Celticarum)

Gaelic (Lingua Gaelicarum)

Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Corieltauvi, Iceni, Catuvelliuni, Dobunni, Durotriges, Atrebates, Cantiaci, Cornovii, Ordovices, Demetae, Silures, Hibernii, Dumnonii
Government Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor and Senate of Rome
Established 796 (43 AD)

A Short History of Britannia

Britannia, though not on the European Continent directly, has been one of the most peaceful, wealthy and intrepid of the Roman Provinces. It was conquered by Emperor Claudius and there were many issues about the conquest in these early days including several uprisings which could have threatened the very existence of this Island as a Province. The Romans were at first only interested in the labor of the people of this Island as well as the resources in the wealth Southeastern portion. However, as the people became more romanized and more immigrants came to populate the very forested areas of the Empire, especially after the reign of Marcus Aurelius, Britannia saw skyrocketing economic growth. Resources such as coal and iron ore made it a great center for early industrial endeavours and it frequently competed with the Province of Germania for the name of Industrial Leader. The Mare Britannicus (The English Channel) is controlled by Britannia and is an important gateway for when naval troops from the Mediterranean move into more Northern territories as well as for the facilitation of trade and protection from piracy.

A List of Governors of Britannia

The List of Governors of Britannia is surprisingly well kept as the Britons became known for their emphasis on records and history. This List dates back to the First Governor under Emperor Claudius and we can see a much more repid change of power from person to person in these lists than we do in other Provinces.

Claudian Governors

Aulus Plautius 796-800 (43-47 AD)

Publius Ostorius Scapula 800-805 (47-52 AD) Aulus Didius Gallus 805-810 (52-57 AD)

Quintus Veranius 810-815 (57-57 AD)

Gaius Suetonius Paulinus 816-820 (58-62 AD)

Publius Petronius Turpilianus 820-821 (62-63 AD)

Marcus Trebellius Maximus 821-827 (63-69 AD)

Flavian Governors

Marcus Vettius Bolanus 822-824 (69-71 AD)

Quintus Petillius Cerialis 824-827 (71-74 AD)

Sextus Julius Frontinus 827-831 (74-78 AD)

Gnaeus Julius Agricola 831-837 (78-84 AD)

Sallustius Lucullus 837-842(84-89 AD)

Aulus Vicirius Proculus 842-849 (89-96 AD)

Publius Metilius Nepos 849-850 (96-97 AD)

Trajanic Governors

Tiberius Avidius Quietus 850-854 (97-101 AD)

Lucius Neratius Marcellus 854-856 (101-103 AD)

Marcus Appius Bradua 856-871 (103 -118 AD)

Hadrianic Governors

Quintus Pompeius Falco 871-875 (118-122 AD)

Aulus Platorius Nepos 875-878 (122-125 AD)

Trebius Germanus 878-884 (125-131 AD)

Sextus Julius Severus 884-886 (131-133 AD)

Publius Mummius Sisenna 886-891 (133-138 AD)

Antonine Governors

Quintus Lollius Urbicus 891-897 (138-144 AD)

Gnaeus Papirius Aelianus 897-899 (145-147 AD)

Gnaeus Julius Verus 899-910 (147-158 AD)

Longinus 910-913 (158-161 AD)

Marcus Statius Priscus 913-914 (161-162 AD)

Sextus Calpurnius Agricola 914-917 (163-166 AD)

Quintus Antistius Adventus 917-929 (166-178 AD)

Caerellius Priscus 929-931 (178-181 AD)

Caroline Governors

Aponius Ennius Gala 931-940

Gallio Osauricus Gala 940-946

Gallio Osauricus Gala II 946-958

Gratidianus Flavian Gala 958-971

Hesychius Donatus Mercator 971-987

Hiberus Donatus Mercator 987-994

Hiberus Donatus Mercator II 994-1013

Jacobine Governors

Milonius Donatus Mercator 1013-1022

Laevinus Maro Petreius 1022-1030

Panaetius Scipio Victor 1030-1037

Panaetius Scipio Victor II 1037-1044

Panaetius Scipio Victor III 1044-1051

Zoilus Quarto Victor 1051-1063

Henrican Governors

Sudrenus Rhesus Victor 1063-1069 (310-316 AD)

Sudrenus Rhesus Victor II 1069-1075 (316-322 AD)

Sudrenus Rhesus Victor III 1075-1086 (322-333 AD)

Sudrenus Rhesus Victor IV 1086-1098 (333-345 AD)

Typhoeus Rhesus Victor 1098-1114 (345-361 AD)

Lovernianus Gessius Victor 1114-1131 (361-378 AD)

Sudrenus Rhesus Victor V 1131-1144 (378-391 AD)

Lovernianus Gessius Victor II 1144-1161 (391-408 AD)

Constantine Governors

Indaletius Cotta Victor 1162-1179 (409-426 AD)

Indaletius Cotta Victor II 1179-1186 (426-433 AD)

Cinnianus Eutherius Martyrius 1186-1199 (433-446 AD)

Cinnianus Eutherius Martyrius 1199-1209 (446-456 AD)

Sergian Governors

Indus Mico Hosidius 1209-1219 (456-466 AD)


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