Timeline: Myhistory

OTL equivalent: United kingdom, Ireland and the Faroe Islands
800px-Flag of the United Kingdom1.svg 410px-Royal Arms of England (1189-1198).svg
Flag Coat of Arms
West europe britain
Map of Britania (in green)
Capital Westminstria
Largest city Westminstria
Other cities Londonia, Eblana, Cardida, Ledesia, Edinburghia, Birminghamia
  others Greek, Welsh, Gaelic, Scottish, Cornish
  others Greek Orthodox, Caloth
Demonym Britan
Government Authoritarian, Constitutional monarchy
  legislature parliament
Emperor Casus Yunas Britanicus Durnesis
Prime Minister Harry Spencer
Established AHC
Currency (Britanian) Pound sterling (£)(BP)

The Britanian Empire, more commenly known as Britania, is a island nation located in Western Europe. The Britanian Empire also compromises mandates and trading posts ruled or administered by the Britanian Empire. The Britanian Empire is not be confused with the Kingdom of Britannia.


Chalist' rev

public unrest in Westminstria

When Terra was colonized the British Isles were a divided country. On one side we had the Britans who were in favor for a new Terran leader and rules. On the other side we had the followers of King Charles III who preferred to follow the same rules as in the real world and thus no basing there lifestyle on the Classical Antiquity, the Renaissance and the Nationalism era.

So the first years Britania was considered a dual monarchy with the revolutionist Terrans having their capital in Westminstria and the concervatif 'Charlists' having their capital in Londonia. Allthough strongly outnumbered, the charlist attempted a coup d'état on the 25th november 9 AHC. After their defait they were forced to live on the isle of Man, who would become the Kingdom of Britannia.


Britanian parliament

Britanian Senate biulding


The Houses of Parliament

is a Authoritarian, Constitutional monarchy, whereby the Emperor is the Head of State and the Prime Minister is head of the parliament. The Executive power and the Federal legislative power is vested in both the government and the Emperor.The people has some influence over the gouverment through the senate, allthought they have a veto-right its more an advisebody of Parliament.

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