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 After the Confederate states of America had finally became independent,  king Edward VII of England removed his troops from America and sent them home. Alexander II of Russia decides to invade right after the British remove their forces and conquer the newly nullified Confederate states of America. After an ambush of Vicksburg the Confederates send a plea for help to Britain, but Edward VII takes Parliament's suggestion to stay out of this new war and refuses. When news Edward's refusal to help the Confederates French king, Napoleon III criticizes Edward for betraying his allies, called him a backstabber and a coward, and declared war on Russia to prove he was a better ruler than Edward.

At the battle of Cold Harbor, Russian forces conquered both the Confederates and the French, leaving open Richmond for the taking. On June 15, 1864 Russian ships and troops burn down Richmond after a stalemate, killing millions in the process. After the burning of Richmond the Confederacy was no more, and was now part of the Russian empire.

A View of the Plundering and Burning of the City of Grymross, by Thomas Davies, 1758

The burning of Richmond.

After this the World War came to an end and the world in this timeline is a very different place. Russia became the world's most powerful superpower and after communism took over over Russia in 1917, conquered the rest of the Americas officially ending both the Union, Mexico, and Canada. In 1914 Russian spies assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, of Austria-Hungary, causing the rest of the world except Russia's allies, Italy, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire to launch a full scale war on Russia and her allies starting World War 2.

After the bombing of Britain in 1918, World War 2 ended and Russia, Germany, the Ottoman Empire, France, and Greece were the only remaining superpowers left in the world. In 1939, American forces bombed the former Confederate capitol Richmond officially starting World War 3. In 1945 after the atomic bombing of Washington D.C, New York, and New Jersey Russia and the allies win World War 3 officially dissolving the United States.

End Of Timeline

To see a list of US presidents for this specific timeline see List of US Presidents (Britain ignore the Confederate's plea CYOAH!)

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