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 After the Confederate states of America had finally became independent,  king Edward VII of England removed his troops from America and sent them home. Alexander II of Russia decides to invade right after the British remove their forces and conquer the newly nullified Confederate states of America. After an ambush of Vicksburg the Confederates send a plea for help to Britain, upon hearing this Edward VII declares war on Russia and launches a full scale war. The Russians token by surprise of British forces attacking them, Alexander II of Russia decides to surrender after British and Confederate forces ambush Moscow.

 After the fall of Russia, the Confederate states of America grew into a powerful superpower like the U.S. had in the OTL. The weak USA would try multiple times to destroy the CSA and reunite the Americas to retain order, but would fail every time.

QI 1890 Confederacy

Map of the Confederacy states during the 1890's thru the 1940's

 After the third war of Northern aggression, the United states would fall into a great depression and had many revolutions that nearly destroyed the country. That was until 1940, after World War 3 had began Nazi leader Adolph Hitler met with the president of the United states Charles Llindbergh, and offers him financial success if he joins with the Axis powers ( made up of Nazi Germany, Italy, Japan, France, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria) and defeat the allies. Lindbergh accepted and declared war on the Allies which was made up of the Confederacy, Britain, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, and Yugoslavia. And on December 7th, 1940 American bomber's bomb Pearl Harbor, killing millions.

Attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese planes view

Attack on Pearl Harbor by American planes.

Upon this ambush, Confederate president Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on the United states. After 5 long years and heavy losses on both the allies and the axis, the United States and the Empire of Japan surrender and officially end World War 3., fter World War 3 President Lindbergh was impeached and democracy was once again in the American government. while the U.S. was rising up from it's ashes like a phoenix, while the Confederacy was starting to fall apart because of it's racist agenda, the great southern depression which was their version of the U.S.'s great depression, and Confederate states succeding from the CSA and re-entering the Union.
QI 1920 Confederacy

Map of the Confederacy states during the 1950's and the 1960's.

In 1962, U.S. President John F. Kennedy meet with Confederate President Lyndon B. Johnson to talk about peace between the states, civil rights, and the rest of the Confederacy re-entering the Union. Kennedy told Johnson that "If we don't reunify the states, we'll be dooming future generations to repeat the same mistakes of this and every generation before them."

Johnson decided to listen to Kennedy and dissolved the Confederate states of America and re-entered to the Union, finally reuniting the states.

End Of Timeline

To see a list of United states presidents for this specific timeline see List of US Presidents (Britain comes to the Confederate's help once again! CYOAH!)

To see a list of Confederate states of America presidents for this specific timeline see List of CSA Presidents  (Britain comes to the Confederate's help once again! CYOAH!)

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